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We have been following the downfall of very closely in the past year!

Spadester is nothing more then a few scammers in Cyprus and Israel that have been ripping of everyone that ever joined the site! Even if you never played for real money!

The Spadester management will realy do everything they can to get money, if you have ever deposited using any kind of credit card u better make sure that this card is no longer active because we have dozens of rip of reports where spadester takes money from your credit card using one or multiple false gaming accounts to send the money to! Some players have lost thousands of dollars this way!

They also sell all your details to anyone willing to pay, their custumers for players info can be found on, dozens of malafide gaming sites that rip of gamers 24/7.

Please people dont be the next victem and stay way clear of if you have any doubts about this website just take the time to google spadester or spadester scam and you will soon have 50.000+ articles about the rogue management and hundreds of posts made by victems of their scam!

Even playing for fun can cost you big time! Players registered there only to play for fun, but soon found that spadester used his log in to hack into the email and used whatever usefull stuff they could find!
They also use players Emails to create accounts in Gaming forums and then claim that spadester is not a scam, yes they first rip you of and then use your own email to say that spadester never ripped you of ecta....



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